Coffee Walking: Firebat Coffee

I walk to work, as well as pretty much everywhere else. I also drink plenty of coffee. So naturally, living in Toronto, I get to combine the two on a daily basis and my options to try new and great caffeine is, to put it modestly, quite vast in this city.

So basically, I am just going to use this space to document the coffees that I try along the way to the places that I am going. Nothing too detailed, just coffee that doesn’t suck (or maybe coffees that suck too, if there is a good story involved, but I don’t want to be unnecessarily negative here…)

OK, here we go:

On my way to work, on weekends, there is a market in HTO Park on the Queens Quay during summer. A couple weeks ago, during my bike ride to work, I decided to dismount and try the coffee booth set up there. Today, I am drinking the rest of the bag I got from them a couple weeks ago. It’s good stuff, perhaps a bit more of a citrus taste than I normally prefer though. I’ve been making it in my mokapot, but I’d like to get more to see how it tastes in the French press at work too.

The business card goes as: Firebat Coffee Corp., direct trade specialty coffee roasters from shade-grown Cup of Excellence winning farms.

They seem like cool guys too, check them out here:

Firebat Coffee Espresso Blend
Bats are the gardeners of rainforests. In harmony with nature’s perfection, they disperse the seeds away from the parent plant, playing a key role in the preservation of forest life.

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