Waiting Out Some Time in Uptown Toronto, Canada



Just a little story to fill some space and talk about some good coffee.

Yesterday I dropped into De Mello Palheta while walking in a different part of town than I am used to, so I don’t know much about this place. All I know is that I was uptown in Toronto to get my dog groomed and it was the only place I found that wasn’t a Starbucks or Tim Horton’s along the walk from Lawrence Avenue to Eglinton Avenue. I got the Deadman Walking house blend to continue my journey with, seemed appropriate and grim.

For a dark roast, it was quite smooth. Usually, I like my coffee to be punch me in the face strong and smokey, but this one had a nice sweetness to it and great flavours. Makes sense, with the death spices theme and all. Good stuff!


I continued on my way to explore this exotic new land I was in. Uptown is a strange place full of SUVs and minivans trying to run me down, big fancy houses with people keeping an eye on me as I walk by and apparently the folks up there have nothing better to do then to just literally throw their money away, because I found a few 20 dollar bills on my walk through the area while killing time.


To end things off, I got caught in the rain and sought shelter under a tree. Thankfully, I had the trusty Deadman to keep me company while I waited out the downpour. In a stroke of good timing, I got the call to pick up my freshly groomed buddy just as the rain began to stop. We hopped on the train together and headed back to our more familiar surroundings of downtown Toronto.

Overall, it was a good walk and I plan on going back to De Mello Palheta next time I am in that area.

A good boy.

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