Coffee Walking: Chocosol

Chocosol Coffee

I have seen the Chocosol booth set up at various different festivals and markets around Toronto over the years, but I obtained this particular bag from the Canada 150 festivities on Canada Day happening at Ontario Place.

Ontario Place Canada 150 Festival

Each morning, for the past couple of weeks, I have been waking up to this bag of fresh, whole bean, Oaxacan sourced coffee. Each day I start the day off not being disappointed. The fact that we stocked up on lots of Oaxacan chocolate from Chocosol while there as well, that definitely doesn’t lose them any points.

Although me and my trusty mokapot are quite good at this, I would also suggest buying a cup directly from them if you see their booth around. I remember sipping on that coffee while checking out the park grounds and thinking it was one of the best I have had. Perhaps the nostalgia of being on the old fair grounds was getting to me, but I’m pretty sure they make a better cup of coffee than I do, and mine are pretty darn awesome.

Added bonus of this walk, on the way there and back, I also got to wander through the newly opened Trillium Park on the waterfront.

Good coffee and a good walk. It’s exciting to see Ontario place open and doing things again!

Ontario Place Dome


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