Walking Along the Halifax Waterfront in Search of Coffee

cabin_coffee_halifax_boardwalkIt was my first morning in Halifax and I was the first one up in the house, so I decided to go for a coffee run. I wasn’t really sure where to start, but I figured if I walked for long enough I would eventually find a caffeine merchant. So I left a note on the door to not lock me out and off I went to wander the morning streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I rounded past Citadel Hill with not much luck and kept heading for downtown. I realized as I was walking, as my brain started to think too much as it often does, that it was Sunday, things seemed very quite here, I wasn’t in Toronto and maybe this task may be a little more difficult then I had first anticipated.

Eventually I came across the first open thing of the day, and it was a bakery and coffee shop. Score! As I waited in the slow moving line, I eyed the menu and saw that regular brew coffee was going to set me back about five dollars. Not to mention that I was intending to consume it with food for some good holiday breakfast vibes. Suddenly, the impulsiveness of getting coffee from the first place I found was starting to wear thin. Thanks to the slow moving line, I had time to think rationally (even without my morning coffee) and made the smart decision to attempt to stay on my budget for the week. The final nail in the coffin was when I noticed they were serving coffee that I could get back in Toronto anyways. I slowly backed up out of the place and kept walking through the still empty streets of Halifax.

My lack of impulsiveness paid off. Just around the corner I found Cabin Coffee to get some regular priced good coffee. I was able to get a extra gooey and soft cinnamon bun with it too! Breakfast of champions was achieved, and on budget!

I wasn’t intending on going all the way to the water today, but Cabin Coffee is located steps away from the boardwalk. As I exited with my coffee in hand and cinnamon bun sugar most likely all over my face, the sight of the glimmer off the water almost directly ahead of me lured me down to the harbour.


Since I ended up making it to the boardwalk, I figured I might as well make the journey to explore the whole stretch today after all. I made it to the farmers market at the end of the pier and dropped into the Garrison Brewery. I was hoping they would have the jalapeño beer I had for breakfast the first time I was in Halifax, but I left with the equally as good (and probably safer for my stomach) spruce beer instead.

Probably not coming soon, unless of course I go to Europe, beer walking…


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