A Day Spent Wandering Around Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

citadel_hill_halifax_nova_scotiaOn top of my first day of coffee walking I did around Halifax and the other couple days I spent on the east coast, I think it’s safe to say I walked the city from end to end and definitely had some good times doing so.

After a lazy morning and some breakfast, the best way to start the afternoon is to visit the Citadel, conveniently located atop Citadel Hill in the centre of town. Everyday at noon they fire the canon to indicate that it is in fact noon and have been doing so since 1857. From inside the army fort you can get close enough to see them set it off and actually feel the shock waves rumble through you. Especially great that this year admission is free to celebrate the Canada 150 anniversary.

Inside the Citadel.
Inside the Citadel from another angle.

Of course the perfect breakfast is ice cream and literally everyone told me that Dee Dee’s is the place to get it from. I got one scoop of Mexican chocolate and one of buttered almond. It was perfect!

Plus, eating ice cream makes you look tough.

Now that I was being nutritionally responsible for the day, it was time to find somewhere to grab a coffee and keep on wandering. I ended up going to Java Blend Coffee Roasters, but I’ll do a Coffee Walking on that next, so let’s skip on past for now…

With coffee in hand (as usual) I kept walking and ended up in a cemetery. Walking through seemed like a much more interesting route than just going around.


Coming to the other side, I found myself at the entrance of the Halifax Public Gardens. Another nice walk through with a fountain, gazebo, botanical gardens and a duck pond.


Upon exiting, I kept walking until I ended up at the harbour.


Having no direction ended up paying off as I wandered every direction. I had a good time while staying in Nova Scotia, meeting rad people, doing cool things and seeing awesome stuff!

The bridge out of town.
Smell ya later Halifax!

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