The Best Coffee at Java Blend Coffee Roasters, Halifax, Canada

java-blend-halifax-nova-scotiaOK, so this is a bit of an extension on my wandering around Halifax post, as in Java Blend Coffee Roasters is the place where I got the coffee from on that walk. It may not look glamorous from the outside, but it’s what’s inside that counts and this place makes one of the best dark roasts I’ve ever had!

To be honest, when I first went into this place, it was to use the washroom. Which I soon discovered that that in it’s self is an experience to be had while at Java Blend.

To get to the restroom I walked through a door that told me to remain on the painted line until I reach my destination. This seemed a bit strange, but who was I to argue with the rules. I was expecting the worst as I grabbed for the handle, that is until I saw what was going down behind this wonderful closed door. Unlike some seedy backrooms I’ve been into at restaurants, the one at Java Blend is where all the magic happens, and by magic I’m talking about coffee roasting!

Follow the line to the washroom.
This is my version of Willy Wonka.
The view from the washroom.

Did I mention that their dark roast is seriously dark (and perhaps a bit grim too.)

So dark, it’s probably haunted.

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