An Evening at the St. Lawrence Market, Toronto, Canada


An Evening at the St. Lawrence Market 2017

OK, so it had probably been 48 hours since I was in Peru wandering the streets and exploring the local food markets. I was still a bit jet lagged and hadn’t even had time to think about the pictures and notes I made about that trip before jumping right into our very own St. Lawrence for their Evening at the Market event in Toronto.

Waiting in line.

To sum it up, the annual event is pretty much every vendor at the St. Lawrence Market putting together a special menu for an after hours sampling and everything is included with the price of admission. There is plenty of meat, seafood, pastries, wine and beer all there for the taking and you do just that, because it is a serve yourself event. A buffet of sorts. Just step up to what you think looks delicious, take a plate and consume without guilt.

Grab a plate.

Although it was pretty busy, there was surprisingly enough food to keep the lines moving quickly (and that’s when there were even lineups to worry about). However,  more importantly, the food did not run out despite the crowds of hungry patrons. Over all, a well organized food event that did not leave us disappointed and especially not hungry!

The band playing something probably jazzy.

Although all tasty, they can’t all be winners. Everything I threw in my mouth was at least average to pretty darn good. However, the best things of the night for me were definitely the lobster arancini from St. Lawrence Fish Market and the ‘The Founder’ coffee drink from Everyday Gourmet.

Lobster arancini St. Lawrence Fish Market.
“The Founder” latte with Hennessey and coffee liqueur from Everyday Gourmet.

Notable mentions to the Korean vendors in the basement serving kimchi from Phil’s Place and the beef noodles from Harbourfront Foods.

Tasty Kimchi.

And so here I am writing all this while recovering from a booze coma and suffering from a food hangover. But don’t worry St. Lawrence, it’s just a figure of speech. I enjoyed myself responsibly, as suggested, and got home safely (even if I did feel like I was going to explode…)

Coffee ninjas.

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