A Spontaneous trip to Lima – Peru Journal Day 1


Peru Travel Journal Day 1 – Toronto to Peru

Left the house in Toronto at 7:30am and are now finally settling in our place in Lima Peru at 1:00am. There is a time difference of an hour, so that would make it 2:00am back home. It was about 12 hours total of flights and connections, but they fed us ridiculously well on the Atlanta to Peru flight. Today is Halloween, so some of the airport employees were dressed up and we were greeted onto our plane by Dracula. Other than that, a whole lot of doing nothing all day and sitting, but I am exhausted and glad to be sitting in bed writing before heading off to sleep. Staying at a place called Kaclla the Healing Dog Inn. There is a Peruvian hairless dog that roams this place, but for the time being, I saw it passed out in the common area, and well, that’s what I’m going to do now too. Good advice Healing Dog, I feel better already!

Kaclla the Healing Dog Hostel Entrance.
Kaclla the Healing Dog Hostel Entrance.
Kaclla the Healing Dog Information Plaque. Lima, Peru.
About the dog. About the hostel.
Inside Kaclla the Healing Dog Hostel.
Inside the hostel.
Kaclla the Healing Dog Hostel Sitting Area. Lima, Peru.
Have a seat, grab something to eat.
Kaclla the Healing Dog.
More like Kaclla the Sleeping Dog.

Taken from my travel notes. Originally written on October 31, 2017.

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