New Year’s 2017 at Home in Toronto, Canada

Mezcal Flight at El Rey, Toronto, Canada

Not wanting to regret not regretting going out into the city on New Year’s Eve, we decided to take advantage of the free transit service to see what kind of place we could find that would be open to get a couple drinks at before midnight.

It was surprisingly dead out, probably something to do with the -20°C temperatures outside. We ended up going to El Rey to get some Mezcal to wrap up 2017 with. Seemed like a fitting choice since we were in Oaxaca, Mexico enjoying all the smokey flavours at the beginning of the year.

Washroom Agave Painting at El Rey, Toronto, Canada
Painted on the washroom wall at El Rey, Toronto.
El Rey Paper Garland. Toronto, Ontario
Warm Mexican thoughts inside. Cold Canadian winter outside.

We expected it to be a bit rowdy and noisy, but it was actually very laid back and pleasant in the bar. Cool Mexican decor, nice tables to sit at and great atmosphere to chill with Jessica and talk about 2017. We each ordered a flight of mezcal with some snacks and sat there enjoying the smoky aromas and flavours while not wanting them to end. A perfect place for us to wind down the old year!

Happy New Year at El Rey, Toronto, Canada
Cheers and happy new year!

In the morning, we slept in a bit (of course we did!) and were trying to decide what to do for breakfast. The thought of paying $15 for a couple of eggs and bread at a brunch place was not at all appealing to us. I scrubbed down the cast iron pan and got to work doing the breakfast thing myself. With a belly full of protein (and some fudge that we snuck in on the side) we ventured out for a new year’s day walk through Toronto.

We ended up wandering trough Kensington market as it began to snow. The good kind of snow, nice and fluffy and beautiful! However, still a bit chilly, so we decided it was probably a good time to sit down and get some more food.

Ducks Hanging in the Window at King's Noodle, Toronto, Canada
Ducks and pigs hanging in the window at King’s Noodle.

We saw that King’s Noodle in Chinatown was looking pretty happening, so we checked it out. You know, that place that you always walk by with ducks and pigs hanging in the window? Yeah, that one!

Despite the lineup, we were seated immediately for being a table of two. I got the pig in wonton soup with noodles, Jessica got the duck. The duck was alright, but the pork was definitely the winner. No surprise why we saw people piling it on in takeout containers to go home with.

By now it was a bit after 4:00pm, so the sun was starting to go down. We took the opportunity to head over to Ontario Place to check out the Winter Light Exhibition. Besides, we had tickets to see Blade Runner 2049 in the Imax Cinespehre at 7:00pm.

Walking to Ontario Place, Toronto, Canada
Walking in the cold.
Cinesphere at Ontario Place, Canada
A perfect venue to see the new Blade Runner movie.

By the time we walked there, my fingers were going numb from the cold. We warmed up while watching the movie, then headed back out to explore the park grounds and see the lights before walking back home. We were the only ones there as we listened to the waves crashing on the frozen beach and walked though the eerie, yet romantic amusement park grounds.

Crossing the Bridge to Ontario Place, Toronto, CanadaWinter Light Festival at Ontario Place, Toronto, CanadaWinter Light Festival at Ontario Place, CanadaFrozen Waves on Lake OntarioHappy new year!!! 2017 was quite the ride, but I think 2018 will be better!

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