Exploring Miraflores and Heading to the Mountains of Huaraz – Peru Journal Day 2


Peru Travel Journal Day 2 – Lima to Huaraz, Peru

Woke up around 8:00am, this is what sleeping feels like for me while on trips. I heard plenty of noise and doors banging, so I assumed I was in fact being a late riser as everyone else was leaving for daytrips and catch their buses elsewhere. As I strolled out to get coffee and granola and enjoyed the patio to myself, I realized the noise must have not been from this particular place. As I finished eating, slowly the outside sitting area packed up with people also getting breakfast. I was done eating, so I washed my dishes and headed back to my room with some coca leaf tea. I’m going to need this for later on in the day when we head to Hauraz. It’s supposed to help with altitude sickness and adjustments.

Coca Leaf Tea in Peru.
I later found out that these were actually coca leaves NOT cocoa leaves as I originally thought…

Turns out my phone clock didn’t automatically adjust for my time zone change, so I didn’t get up as early as I initially thought, it was actually earlier, and I just gained a bonus hour in Lima before we have to catch the bus to Huaraz. Time to take advantage of having a morning here and hit the streets to explore and see cool things. No idea what’s out there, but finding out is one of my favourite things to do when I get to a new town!

Streets of Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Streets of Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Streets of Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Streets of Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Flowers in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Back from exploring. I’m hanging out with the hairless dog again and waiting for our taxi to the bus station. We ended up spending the morning wandering some streets and the water front strip of Miraflores. Spent a good amount of time just watching all the surfers ride the waves. From the top of the hill they look like ducks bobbing in the water until a wave hits.

Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
Surf & turf.
Mosaics and Ocean. Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
Seriously guys, which way to the beach?
Kissing Statue in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
Today’s made up fact: this is the spot where Prince was inspired to write his hit song “Kiss”
Mosaics Wall in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
Having a good time!

On the bus to Huaraz now. So far everything is running smoothly. Just watching the city go by through the window, but I’m sure I’ll close my eyes and get some sleep soon. It’s an eight hour trip, so finding time for sleep will not be a problem.

Sunset Over the Andes Mountains in Peru.
And then it all faded to black…

Made it Huaraz! What an incredible journey! We passed by oceans, deserts, villages, mountains, winding roads and even got to watch the sunset over the Andes! Pretty amazing to do be able to see all this from a big comfy bus. I will admit, the trip was pretty long though. About nine hours total, it ended up taking an hour longer than our scheduled arrival time. I guess that was to balance my bonus hour given to me back in the morning. Luckily our taxi was still waiting for us when we got to the bus station. Even had a sign with our names on it. Sitting in our hotel, but now it’s too late to go out looking for food in a strange city, so I guess I’ll be waiting until breakfast to eat again. They had lunch on the bus, it was pretty good. So now I’m just writing it all down before heading off to bed, while sipping on more coca leaves tea. It must be working, I feel perfectly fine with no signs of altitude sickness so far.

 Taken from my travel notes. Originally written on November 1, 2017.

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