To the Market and Beyond in Huaraz – Peru Journal Day 3

Coffee and Mountains. Huaraz, Peru.
Coffee and mountains greet us in the morning,

Peru Travel Journal Day 3 – Huaraz, Ancash, Peru

Good morning Huaraz! We are just over 3000 meters high right now, so I am pretty glad that the altitude sickness is still not coming for me. Apparently everyone gets it to some degree, so knock on wood I guess, because I might not be so lucky when we do the mountain hikes sometime in the next couple days.

Surrounded by Mountains. Huaraz, Peru.
Woke up like this.
Surrounded by Mountains. Huaraz, Peru.
Morning views.

Anyways, I just woke up today and I am on the roof of the place we’re staying at (Olaza’s Guest House) and we are literally surrounded by mountains. The view is just breathtakingly incredible. We arrived after dark, so I never knew what to expect once we got into the city. It’s just early morning here, but I am totally already in love with this place!

Huaraz, Peru.
Streets of Huaraz.
Town Square, Huaraz, Peru.
Wandering around town.
Town Square, Huaraz, Peru.
Not getting tired of seeing these mountains everywhere.

Just getting back from doing the usual random wandering around town and exploring this new place. We made it through to the “touristy” downtown district and then on to the Marcado Central. So much food I want to try there! We were still stuffed from breakfast, but now that we know where the market is, we’ll be back later to eat ALL their food!!! I am especially interested and excited to buy some of the seasoned meat slabs from one of the butchers. Just have to double check that I’m allowed to use the kitchen at the place where we are staying. Nothing else was open yet along the walk, but the market was super busy already even at about 9:00am. It opens at dawn and closes at dusk, so I have a pretty big window to go back and get things. All the cuts are hanging and out in the open, so probably best to go in the mornings for things like meat though… I’ll figure it out.

Market Street. Huaraz, Peru.
Busy, busy, busy street.
Street Art in Huaraz, Peru.
Wandering the streets, looking at cool stuff.
Street Art in Huaraz, Peru.
This is how I eat a banana too!
Street Art in Huaraz, Peru.
Murals and street art are everywhere. A very cool city!

Currently I am sitting on the roof top enjoying the local alcohol of Pisco, mixed with some ginger ale, as the locals do, so I’m told. On the way back up the hill, we stopped to buy fruit from a local lady in front of her house that she picked from the tree in her front yard. Should make for a good snack for the hike we are planning on doing once we are done embracing the local culture through liquid intake, on this mountain view rooftop.

Pisco and Ginger Ale. Huaraz, Peru.
Embracing local culture.

After putting thought into it, we ended up heading back to Mercado Central for some meat and other things for dinner. We got seasoned pork, it smells spicy! Outside on the street, we bought potatoes and lima beans from a local lady to go with our meat, as well as cerviche from a cart to give us some afternoon walking energy.

Streets of Huaraz, Peru.
Back to the market!
Cerviche Cart at Mercado Central, Huaraz, Peru.
Street food is the best food! Buying cerviche from a cart at Mercado Central.
A butcher at Mercado Central in Huaraz, Peru.
The best part of having a kitchen when travelling!
Mercado Central, Huaraz, Peru.
Cuts like a knife, probably because it is a knife.
Potatoes for sale.
Potatoes. Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew.

Later in the day, a lot of things were closed because of the siesta. We probably should have taken the hint, but instead we trekked on and cooked in the sun. I even came back to the room to apply sunblock and put my hood up to cover my skin, but the damage was already done. I am a lobster now.

Stairs to Cerro Pumacayan.
This was basically our front yard.

Our hike ended up being a continuation of our city walking. The park and ruins we had planned on checking out (Cerro Pumacayan) was just a small plot of land with garbage strewn about. We were done in about five minutes. Great views of the city and mountains though. So in the end, we just walked and walked and cooked some more in the sun. I had a good time.

Cerro Pumacayan.
Not much of a national park, but great views regardless.
Cerro Pumacayan
View from Cerro Pumacayan.
Santa Rosa Street Art in Huaraz, Peru.
Looks like a good enough way to take as any,
Jose Olaya Street, Huaraz, Peru.
The historic street of Jose Olaya. One of the few sections to survive the earthquake.
Jose Olaya, Huaraz Peru.
Walking down Jose Olaya.
Streets of Huaraz, Peru.
We were told rain was coming. It never did.
Streets of Huaraz, Peru.
Taking a break from the heat.

Just finished eating the dinner I made with the food I got earlier at the market. The meat was very salty and very spicy and very delicious. Still not sure exactly what it was though, other then pork with a whole lot of seasoning (post below if you know). Ready for bed now and listening to all the fireworks go off outside and the dogs barking at them. Probably going to be an interesting night considering we have to be up at 4:00am to get ready to catch the bus for our mountain hike in the morning.

Market Bounty.
Some good looking ingredients.
Cooking dinner in Huaraz, Peru.
A minimal kitchen is still a kitchen. Time to get to work!
Cooked Market Bounty from Mercado Central, Huaraz, Peru.
Dig in!

Taken from my travel notes. Originally written on November 2, 2017.

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