French Press and Mountains.

Chilling at Cafe Andino, in Huaraz, Peru

Huaraz, Peru.
Cafe Andino in Huaraz, Peru.

Sometime during the afternoon of our third day in Peru, I managed to stumble upon this coffee shop called Cafe Andino for some coffee walking action.

However, I guess today is more of a coffee chillin’, actually. I don’t think they do take away coffee here for coffee walking, and to be honest, that makes me happy. There may be some litter floating around town, but unlike back home, I not seen a single coffee cup. That’s a good thing in my eyes. I always feel guilty about those cups, even though I throw them in the garbage, it still seems very wasteful. It’s something I am working on though.

Cafe Andino Sign
Inside, at the bar.
Sitting at Cafe Andino.
Tired and sun burnt, a well needed cup of coffee.

I guess for now, I have to sit here and enjoy the mountain views in Huaraz, Peru from the interior of this cafe. I know, right? Pretty horrible, huh? Anyways, after drinking a whole lot of pisco this afternoon and hiking the town, sitting isn’t so bad anyhow.

French Press and Mountains.
Coffee chillin’

Fun fact about pisco: it may be made of grapes, but that does not mean it should be drank like wine. Nope. It’s up there with the likes of whiskey. You’ve been warned, enjoy responsibly!

As for the coffee here. I like it! My guess is it’s also pretty much the only place that will serve a good cup around here the way I enjoy it. That meaning, I have not seen any other specialty coffee shops around town. Some great French press! They also have a craft brewery for beer here. Not so bad, not so bad…

Lemonade and French Press Coffee. Cafe Andino, Huaraz, Peru.
They have some great lemonade here too!
Cafe Andino Patio View.
Patio view of the mountains.

Feel free to let me know of any other good places in Huaraz in the comments below. I’m sure I’ll be back!

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