Jose Olaya Street, Huaraz, Peru.

One Last Morning in Huaraz and Back to Lima – Peru Journal Day 6

Not sure what we are celebrating, but I have no problem joining in if I get a piece of this cake!

Peru Travel Journal Day 6 – Huaraz to Lima Peru

I set the alarm for the crack of dawn. With everything we’d crammed into the past couple days, we had neglected to do the one thing that was most important to do. So, here I am snacking on some cookies for breakfast in our room and getting ready to go out and take some photos of Alpaca sweaters for work. Yeah, it’s a hard job, travelling here to take a couple photos, but someone’s got to do it. Well, actually we have to do it, because it’s our company and the reason we are here this week. Anyways, I figured we’d be the only ones up and the streets would be quiet, but that may not be the case. It’s 5:00am right now and I’m pretty sure the fireworks have already begun. Time to crawl out of bed and see what a Sunday morning in Huaraz is all about.

Continuing to check out all the cool details of Huaraz.
We were unfortunately too early to catch the Sunday market on Jose Olaya.
Nailed it! (Click the pic if you want to see more of what we do.)

Back from taking photos and on the rooftop for one last breakfast in Huaraz before catching the bus to Lima. I think we did pretty well for only a few days in here. We definitely packed those days to the brim with doing plenty of cool stuff. Especially considering that it generally takes a few days alone to acclimatize, the fact that we got in and out and everything achieved is pretty lucky! Definitely grateful to not get hit hard by the altitude, as in the bed ridden agonizing kind, I more just got some mild irritation and my muscles felt a bit heavy. Then again, maybe that was the pisco… Anyways, we are leaving just when things would start get more normal if we were to do more trekking. My nose and sinus is finally starting to feel normal and the hike through the country yesterday was a walk in the park. Granted, it was all downhill. After three action packed days, we are now leaving Huaraz with the feeling of wanting more, and that’s a good thing! We feel very fulfilled, yet we definitely could (and should) spend more time here in the future. Especially since we didn’t even get to take a picture with any of the llamas wearing cool hats and sunglasses.

Met this cool dude at the bus station.

Exhausted and lying in bed at the Barranco Backpacker’s Inn now. I’ll just quickly wrap things up from the day. Our bus left Huaraz at 11:00am and we pretty much spent all day on the bus. I sat on the same side as going to Huaraz, so I got to see the opposite views this time around. Surprisingly, it was a very different visual experience. I think that helped with passing the time with the long haul. I loved watching the rocks, desert, ocean and finally city go by. By the time we arrived in Lima, it was already dark.

Wandering through Barranco.

We are staying in the neighbourhood of Barranco, so naturally we went out and explored while looking for some food. It’s supposed to be an artist, bohemian, romantic, hip and touristy neighbourhood, but so far it just seems a bit over hyped. Everywhere we went there were lots of teenagers tying to sell us weed and listening to loud dance music (those darn youngsters and their good times!) All the restaurants kept shoving menus in our faces as we walked by and when we did get to sit down and eat we were interrupted by beggars and street musicians bugging us while we were eating.

Fake fact time again: this is the mural that inspired the song Crocodile Rock.
That parrot totally tried to sell me drugs…
By this point, you probably totally believe me that this is the painting that inspired the hit song Careless Whisper

OK, let’s get to the food. To eat we ended up trying the “famous” Chifa that every food blog article about Peru raves about. I’m pretty sure it’s only a big deal because it’s cheap. I say that because it’s just regular China Town or Chinese buffet type food. Greasy, cheap, probably going to give us food poisoning, but oh so large portions, Chinese food. We went to the busy looking place, and it wasn’t bad and it did the trick, however I feel when trying Peruvian food, there are plenty of other options that are unique and more authentic to the country to try before the Chifa. Like I said though, it was cheap and came in large portions and I think that’s what the hype is really all about. Also, let’s note that I am grumpy tonight and to boot, I frequent and live near China Town in Toronto where I can get this stuff and quite frequently do so (but it’s better in Toronto, the snob in me wants to say…)

Bird brain.
“Think with the heart.” – this painting

Crazy night. I need to keep in mind, it’s a Sunday evening on a holiday long weekend here. However, patience is not my strong point at the moment. I just spent all day on a bus coming down from a very high place, breathing communal bus air, I’m probably dehydrated and a bit sun burned too. Right now I am just in the mood to crash and try this thing again tomorrow.

Too fast and too furious for us in Lima tonight.

I remember laughing about people saying things about Lima like, you’re going to go there, whether you like it or not. It’s the only way in and out of the country. I think ending the trip here has me tired and missing Huaraz- where the food is super cheap and it’s some of the best in the world! Plus, the people didn’t seem to see me as a walking dollar sign there. Time to get some sleep and start readjusting to city life. Grumble grumble…

Taken from my travel notes. Originally written on November 5, 2017. 
Note from me: Don’t worry, Barranco does win us over in the next journal entry.

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