Exploring the Streets of San Jose Costa Rica

Jessica hanging out in the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Putting Lizano sauce on my eggs every morning, having recently watched Jurassic World and seeing all the flight deals on the internet (sadly all over for now) has got me thinking of Costa Rica. We last went there in 2015, but now is a good a time as ever to finally post the pics. Don’t forget to check out the video of our whole trip too, which was the very first blog post on here and also a belated posting.

Just relax, there’s nothing wrong with a good throwback and life is too short to worry about all the meaningless punctuality anyways. Pura Vida!

OK, so let’s get started. I love flying into San Jose (the whole two times I’ve done it, haha!) because I look forward to the all you can eat Costa Rican breakfast included at Hotel Aranjuez– A perfect way to start the trip and get energized for some good adventures ahead! This hotel has worked out  great for us as a homebase for doing day trips, it’s a relaxing and safe place to lounge in the walled gardens while still being surrounded by the big city outside and of course since it’s Costa Rica, they have never ending free coffee all day long! What’s not to like? This works in reverse too- so we also stay there when flying out of Costa Rica and gain back any of the weight we may have lost hanging out on beaches, hiking through jungles and doing yoga.

Unlimited coffee in the garden at Hotel Aranjuez. Pura Vida!



Although we could probably spend most of our time just chilling and drinking way too much coffee in the garden, I am glad we left the walls of our hotel to do some exploring too. We never ventured too far outside, maybe a couple hours of walking the streets of San Jose, but we did find that it has a lot of interesting visuals and details to take in.

We walked through the pedestrian city center, but it seemed a bit too busy, and honestly, that was where we were starting to feel a bit unsafe with watchful eyes on us. Our casual stroll through the city neighbourhoods and side streets was a much more rewarding and quieter way to spend a few hours before hitting the road again.

When we got back to our room, we noticed the hotel had a walking tour map in the lobby. We checked it out and we seemed to have checked off most of the points of interest with our random guessing what is a good way to go walking tour (plus I’m sure we wandered a few places we probably shouldn’t have gone through.)


streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-15streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-16streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-6streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-10streets-of- san-jose-costa-ricastreets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-14streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-11streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-4streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-2streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-8streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-12streets-of- san-jose-costa-rica-13

It’s very easy to take in the city scenery of San Jose in an afternoon. I’m not sure much more time is needed other than for doing day trips with tour companies and visiting museums (if that’s your thing). We stayed at a Best Western hotel by the airport on the last night, compliments of the airline asking us to sacrifice our spots on the plane (and who were we to complain about an extra day in Costa Rica?) I have to say, going into the city to spend the night is much more fulfilling if given the option between the two accommodations.


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