Day Trip to Arenal Volcano from San José, Costa Rica

arenal-volcano_jesskyle-costa-ricaThese photos are all off my phone from when I took this trip back in 2015, which was my first phone and kind of a big deal. Now, I feel I need to make a note, because the quality is lacking in comparison to today’s standards of cameras on phones. It doesn’t even seem that long ago, but phone camera technology seems to grow up so fast.

Luckily, this is about Costa Rica, which doesn’t change all that much (other than prices going way up on everything since my first time there in 2006) and this place is about relaxing and forgetting it all, so no need for fast paced technological worries here. Although, electronics manufacturing and computer parts is one of their main exports, oh well… Pura Vida!

First stop, after driving by coffee fields and hearing our tour guide speak of the history and culture of the country, is in the town of Sarchí. We check out the artisan market, Jessica and I also wandered into some of the smaller studios located nearby and then took some pictures with the giant ox-cart and spinning wheel.
ox-cart-wheel-costa-ricaWe get back in the van, drive some more and then stop for some lunch and learn about Arenal and the volcano.

water-fountain-arenal-costa-ricaThen it’s time for what I came here for. After setting up our store back home in Toronto, I really needed a rest in the hot springs of Tabacón, heated naturally by the volcano!

tabacon-arenal-costa-rica-2The day ends with an all you can eat buffet and a night drive through the countryside back to San José. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) Arenal Volcano has been dormant since 2010. Luckily, the first time we visited in 2006, it was still active as we stopped in the night and listened to the rumblings of an eruption while watching the glowing orange, liquid fire flow down the side of the mountain in the pitch black of the night. One of the coolest, most beautiful memories I have from travelling!

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