Chilling Out on Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica

Montezuma, Costa Rica
This has been the background image of my computer since coming back.

Well, this Thursday seems as good as any to finish my throwback posts about our trip to Costa Rica a few years ago. To catch up, we’ve been to San Jose, Arenal and Monteverde so far. And now for the answer to the question, if I could go anywhere in the world again, where would it be? Well, the easy answer to that is that I am always trying to figure out a way to be chilling on the beach in Montezuma, Costa Rica. OK, here are some of the reasons why (the photos, I’m talking about the pictures are the reasons.)

Montezuma, Costa Rica
Chilling on the beach.

Starting the days with a walk through the jungle to the beach, grabbing some guaro alcohol along the way and doing some yoga when we get there.

However, sometimes we live a bit too dangerously. While in Montezuma, we narrowly avoided the hazards of pushing too hard. Ironic enough, being in such a chill place, but don’t forget that the sun can beat you down pretty good, even when taking it easy. When we were in Montezuma, it was a very dry heat and 40°C. Perfect for swimming at the beach when the waves are calm or cooling off in the river that runs through the jungle. Just remember to drink water, stay in the shade and get proper rest too.

Below is the exhibit on why you should listen to my warning of heat exhaustion. I’m pretty sure this is an unhealthy amount of sweating. Luckily there was a nearby pool! Needless to say, we were done for the night after the hike and missed going into town for dinner.

This was only our second time back, but we feel many more are still needed. We visited for the first time in 2006, and since then, some of the prices on things have unfortunately become a bit steep. However, the vibe and atmosphere remains the same. So, here’s to more campfires on the beach, jungle hikes to swim in waterfalls and waking up to the sounds of howler monkeys while getting ready to do yoga every morning (even if I have to stock up on cheap booze in the city before arriving, the food at Playa de los Artistas, however, it’s worth it!)

Walking to the beach.
Woke up like this AKA this was the view from our room.
Watching the sunset on the ferry while heading back to San Jose.

Costa Rica packs the Pura Vida good times and brings out our inner sloth.

And thanks to the wonders of moving pictures and camera phones, here’s the video version of our Costa Rican adventure.

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