A Night Walk Through the Streets of Florence, Italy

Florence Italy skyline
Watching the sun set over Florence.

Bare with me now, it’s been about two years since I took this trip, so some of the details may be a bit fuzzy. Also, some things may no longer be exactly as I experienced them. However, I think it’s safe to say a classic destination like Europe never changes, or at the very least, changes only a little. This is the appeal of visiting and romanticizing historic cities such as Florence, after all.

A freshly cleaned Duomo.
The intricate details are not to go unnoticed.

After we got some coffee and snacks from the market for night energy, we began on our mission to watch the sunset over the city. I think it’s unavoidable to not see the Duomo while wandering through Florence, so it seemed like a good place to start the journey as we wandered through town. Passing through the streets along the way, there is no shortage of amazing sights to take in!

horse carousel
It’s easy to get lost in Florence. Sometimes I swear we were just going in circles.

We climbed the stairs at the city edge, making sure to keep hiking up the hill, past Piazzale Michelangelo, where there were already crowds and all the tour buses were lined up. It’s not a bad view from there, but random people kept asking to see our phones for the brief minute we stopped to check it out. For a more peaceful experience, it was just a little further walk up the hill to San Miniato al Monte.

Florence at night
The view from San Miniato al Monte.

After getting our magnificent view of Florence and also seeing the inside of the church, my favourite part was about to begin. We continued the evening by climbing back down the hill and visiting the grocery store for a bottle of wine (and other groceries for making dinner, of course). Despite the fact that it had began to rain, we found a nice cozy alley to open the bottle and began our journey back to our loft while enjoying the glow and magic of the night streets of Florence.

hanging garlic
Keeping the vampires out. Or in?
building detail
Checking out the details on all the building.
Florence at night
Time to put the camera away and enjoy…

Feel free to leave a message with any questions on things I may have left out in the haziness.

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