Some Things to do in Rome, Italy

Rome is always a good idea, but first coffee… or something like that…

When in Rome or Roaming around Rome are alternate cliche titles for a post about a Roman Holiday. However, I’m just going to keep it simple and to the point on this one with a Some Things to do in Rome title.

It’s worth getting up at the crack of dawn.
Good morning Rome!

The first walk in from the train station experience is the biggest moment of wonder and the best first impression. To see Rome in person for the first time, with all the eras of history fused onto one regular, modern, functioning city street is a shock even when expecting it. Pictures do not do it justice!

Roman Forum
As seen in the walk in.
Streets of Rome
Yep. Just a regular scene on a walk through Rome.
Streets of Rome
A mix of new and old.

With that said, however, in my opinion, I would never want to stay in the historic area of Rome that is just outside the train station. Despite all the visual candy and many hotels and restaurants we walked past, it still seemed to be missing a certain coziness and comfort in the area for resting and making a home base.

During our short walk through the area, we had already seen all the signs of tourist trap restaurants, beggars, trinket sellers and scammers in action. So for us, when in Rome means to keep walking until we get to Trastevere.

Old car.
Exploring Trastevere.
An orange tree in the wild!

And what’s the best way to see Rome? I always like to hit the streets, check out the grocery stores and see what I can find on a spontaneous adventure whenever I am in a new place. So that is exactly what we did here too!

A city full of charm.
A church.
Peeking into one of the many churches around Rome.
Mandatory Colosseum selfie.
Cherry Blossoms.
Spring is here! The first of the cherry blossoms.

With all the wandering come responsibility- we have to make sure to stay hydrated, but also we need to make sure to fulfill our daily caffeine and sugar diet requirements. When I spotted the window display for Nonna Vincenza on our random stroll through the town, I knew this was the place we needed to obtain our nutrients from.

We were in Rome for more than a random adventure though. We were also here to celebrate our ten year anniversary! So, up next it was time to find out where to get some groceries to make a romantic dinner. Ah yes, the sword fish from a street market fish monger will do just fine! We joined the line of locals and went home with a beautiful piece of fish for an amazing and delicious dinner!

They say the traditional gift for ten years is tin or aluminum. Cheers!

Of course, we check out things like the Colosseum, Nero’s Palace, the Vatican and even a day trip to Tivoli! However, as we are only wrapping up the portion on random roaming around Rome here, those other things are all topics for a future post.

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